Superior Brass / Austyle is a family owned, private Australian company. Founded by Mr.Morris Smolarski and incorporated in 1981, the business began in in a small warehouse located in the coastal southeastern suburb of St.Kilda, Melbourne. 

Recognising an opportunity in the builder’s hardware market, the range was founded by the development of solid brass door handles to cater for the local market. In the 1980's the door hardware styles were still predominantly based on the old English traditional heritage influences including polished brass handles, window fittings and general hardware accessories.

Over the following decades as the Australian builders hardware market matured, new trends, styles and influences were at the forefront of innovation and the range grew to over 3000 products integrating different finishes, materials and a broad range of designs. 

Whether the product is 316 or 304 stainless steel, or solid virgin brass, strength in foundation through the use of high grade raw materials ensures all our products can withstand the tolerances required in all commercial or domestic, internal or external applications.

The guiding principle of the business was - and is - innovation. Mechanical patents of door hardware and security mechanisms, registered designs and unique finishes provide a genuine point of difference and became the catalyst for growth.  


Superior Brass / Austyle > Broad strokes:

  • Channels To Market: Multiple product categories offer diversity of range enabling penetration into wholesale/manufacturing/retail door, window and security market segments.
  • Range Segmentation/Categories: The range spans traditional heritage, contemporary & modern door hardware including IP protected security products for the timber and aluminium door hardware markets.
  • Manufacturing: Exclusive customised products behind the scenes for other major hardware distributors under their own brand. General production for current ranging and the advantage of speed to market.   
  • Business Culture: Agile, dynamic and nimble business from design, through to supply chain and market implementation. Strong customer partnerships.
  • Management & Decision making: Inclusive team-based decision making occurs horizontally across the business departments (rather than a top-down approach).
  • Human Resources: Employs approximately 25 direct and indirect employees across all levels of the business.
  • Operations: Central operations are located in South East Melbourne. Site spanning 10,000sqm includes its offices, logistics, warehouse distribution and storage operations.


Superior Brass / Austyle > Our commitment:

We are committed to cultivating a dynamic business dedicated to differentiating itself from its competitors by offering unique quality products, distinguishing designs and finishes on trend; coupled with the added advantage of being nimble enough to bring innovation to market quickly.

We value strong, open and honest wholesale and distribution partner relationships, enabling our partners to utilise our product IP (both overtly and covertly) and supply chain efficiency, to facilitate stronger, active local connections between our partners and their partners. 


Superior Brass / Austyle > Mission Statement:

The mission statement formulated in the 2005/2006 still rings true today and is fundamental to offering a genuine point of difference:

” Quality is never an accident, it is the result of intention, innovation and skilful execution.”